Latin America presents a unique set of opportunities and challenges for mobile money and other digital finance and commerce (DFC) deployments. The diversity of markets and regulatory environments, combined with the pan‐continental span of major stakeholders such as MNOs, banks and retailers, renders the region a virtual petri dish in which the development of DFC services and new use cases can be observed.

While Latin America may have arrived later to the DFC party, so to speak, than other regions in the world, the potential for significant growth and substantial returns is there. Now is the right time for banks, telcos, retailers, payment schemes, vendors and other stakeholders to identify and validate viable use cases, customize propositions to fit the unique characteristics of each market, establish winning partnerships, and otherwise do whatever it takes to build winning DFC service portfolios and businesses.

In support of these objectives, Mondato Summit Latin America brought together global and regional thought leaders and industry pioneers to share invaluable insights essential for realizing DFC success.