2016 Mondato Summit Africa Awards

Is your MFC product the most innovative? Do you have a product deployed in the region that has significant social impact?

Enter to win the 2016 Mondato Summit Africa Awards!

Promoting Excellence & Innovation

The Mondato Awards were created to recognize excellence and innovation in Mobile Finance and Commerce (MFC) and Digital Finance Plus (DF+). The winners represent some of the most innovative MFC and DF+ solutions from emerging startups, as well as established companies paving new paths in the industry. 

Congratulations to our MOBILE FINANCE & COMMERCE (MFC) INNOVATION & Digital finance plus (DF+) Social Impact AWARDs WINNERS for africa 2016

The Mondato Award for Mobile Finance and Commerce (MFC) Innovation in Africa will be awarded to the MFC provider whose product or service exhibited the most innovation in their given market in Africa during 2015-2016.


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