You Already Know R2-D2, Optimus Prime, and Wall-E. Meet the Next Generation of Robots to Welcome into your Home…

Artificial intelligence (AI) is extending its robotic grasp to nearly every aspect of our lives. Futuristic movies and television shows have introduced us to the robotic family members and teammates that we welcomed into our homes and imaginations, waiting for the day that robots would be a part of our reality. The future is now; as robots and other artificially intelligent technology expand into fields we never imagined, becoming household names like Amazon’s Alexa. Meet a few of the robots making their way to a home near you...

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Josh Welcomes You Home

Another Smart Home technology, Josh Micro is a voice-controlled, hands-free technology that operates over WiFi to control household functions like lighting, music, and temperature at the command of its owner.  Josh connects with other technology in the home to become a centralized system. Voice demands as simple as “Josh, close the garage,” directs Josh to get to work.

Josh also connects to the Cloud, so you can lock your house or turn on the lights from your smartphone anywhere in the world.  Josh recognizes even the most complex of voice commands, because creators Tim Gill and Alex Capecelatro, “believe programming should be as natural as chatting with a friend, and this capability is essential to a truly connected house.”

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Google Duplex Manages Your Calendar

First introduced in May, Google AI is developing Google Duplex, a personal assistant programmed to have natural, human-like conversations to complete a number of tasks. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, demonstrated to the crowd at its 2018 I/O developer conference how the new technology can be programmed to make phone calls on its owners behalf, by playing recordings of Google Duplex scheduling an appointment with a hairdresser, and making a restaurant reservation. In both instances, the machine was able to properly respond to different questions from the human on the other end of the call, and adapt its goals and requests based on feedback during the call.  Watch this discussion from tech YouTuber, Marques Brownlee.

Google’s challenge will ultimately be to make a conversation with a computer as seamless and natural as with another person. Google created Duplex with the ability to distinguish accents and those speaking quickly, as well as respond appropriately to impromptu questions and diverse scenarios. Soon enough, Duplex may eliminate the need for personal assistants and simplify our lives even more.

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Flippy’s in the kitchen

Making the world of foodservice slightly more efficient and definitely more delicious, Miso Robotics has introduced Flippy, the world’s first autonomous commercial kitchen robot that functions using AI technology. Flippy serves as a sous-chef to kitchen staff and has a wide variety of capabilities like chopping vegetables or flipping burgers, along with the ability to learn from its experiences and create even better food products.

Flippy utilizes thermal scanning and cloud-connected AI for detecting how thoroughly the meat has been cooked on the grill and can make 150-300 burgers per hour, depending on settings.  It can switch spatulas for raw and cooked meat and can clean cooking utensils on its own. Flippy can even recognize the items on the grill and notify the kitchen staff to add cheese or finish to the burgers in other ways.