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  • Judah Levine, Mondato

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  • Teresa Clarke,
  • Anna Gincherman, Women's World Banking
  • John Staley, Equity Bank
  • Natalie Baatjies, Visa

Session 2

Making connections and growing the ecosystem


Day One session 2 niehaus
  • Charles Niehaus, IFC
Day One session 2 panel
  • Matt Shakhovskoy, IFC
  • Maria Pienaar, Cell C
  • Stelios Papadakis, Barclays Mozambique
  • Bryan Church, Mondato

Session 3

From innovation to inclusion: value-added digital financial services

Day One session 3 Hanouch
  • Michel Hanouch, CGAP
Day One session 3 Bosini
  • Johan Bosini, afb
Day One session 3 Shakhovskoy
  • Matt Shakhovskoy, Agis Investments
Day One session 3 Frenemies
  • Dr. Christopher Fleury, InterMedia
  • David O'Brien, Old Mutual
  • Grant Brown, Zando
  • Agrippa G.R. Mugwagwa, FBC Bank
Day One session 3 Fouillade
  • Mouna Fouillade, Ingenico
Day One session 3 Kassam
  • Areef Kassam, GSMA
Day One session 3 Mwirigi
  • Dr. Torooti Mwirigi, PharmAccess Foundation

Session 4

tapping into the next generation: how African youth will adopt mobile services

Day 2 session 4 Ekobi
  • Ebele Okobi, Facebook
Day 2 session 4 makiwane
  • Monde Makiwane, Human Sciences Research Council
Day 2 session 4 Atawodi
  • Ebi Atawodi, Uber Nigeria
Day 2 session 4 social networks
  • Tony Shapshak, Stuff Magazine
  • Ebele Okobi, Facebook
  • Crayg Hitzeroth, Ad Dynamo/Twitter
  • Diana Boncheva, Mondato
  • Peter Brunt, iROKO

Session 5

spotlight sessions: leveraging experience, international remittances, and the last word

Day 2 session 5 dozie
  • Uzoma Dozie, Diamond Bank
Day 2 session 5 van wyck
  • Yolande (Van Wyck) Steyn, FNB
  • Kim Dancey, FNB
Day 2 session 5 transferto
  • Erik Van Thielen, TransferTo
Day 2 session 5 Levine
  • Judah Levine, Mondato